Prime Times in Puerto Vallarta

What is the best time to be in Puerto Vallarta ?

Many first time visitors want to know the best times to be in Puerto Vallarta, which is a great question. Weather wise the temperatures are generally fantastic from November through April. This is considered “High Season” and is the time many people want to be in Puerto Vallarta.

Those individuals from cold climates really enjoy the mild temperatures during those dates and temperatures in the 70’s are a welcome relief from icy cold and snow. The evenings can be cooler and at times a light cover up is needed, especially if you are near the beaches. This is why people tend to book their condo or villas as far in advance as 1 year to secure the property they want during high season.

If you are a beach lover you can expect wall to wall umbrellas and people packed in tightly on the beach. Both foreigners and natives will be flocking to the beaches. Restaurants will be full, tours will be full and there is a lively feel in the air everywhere. If you travel during those dates, book your property VERY early, reserve your tours and expect the airport to be very busy during this time of the year. While we are talking about the airport there are a few things first time visitors should be aware of.

  • First of all be patient. Several planes can arrive at the same general time and getting luggage and going through Immigration can be a little slow. Attendants are usually around the turn styles off loading bags so your bag may or may not be on the conveyor belt. Look for groups of luggage off to the side. It might be yours!
  • After retrieving your bags you must go through the screening area and the line to the screening area can wind around several times. It looks as if you will never get through it but just be patient and you will work your way up to the screening area. When you get to the entry spot an airport attendant will ask you to push a button. If it turns RED you will need to go to the side and an attendant will open your bags and check your contents. This goes rather quickly but it does slow you down a bit. If the light turns GREEN, they you can proceed (past the Time Share Sellers) into the terminal. Please be aware….. the people in the Time Share area are SALES PEOPLE. They will try to pull you aside, ask you where you are going, do you need a ride, even tell you You Must Stop Here. Beware, you don’t have to stop there nor do you have to talk to them. Unless, of course, you want to sit through a Time Share Presentation to get your “free dinner or “free tour, etc.) Once you reach the terminal it will be crowed with a lot of activity and if you are staying at a resort an attendant will be standing there holding a sign with the name of the resort of your name on a place card. For those of you who just made plans on your own or through an agency like ours there is a better way to get transportation. When a client of mine arrives in PV, I pre-arrange their transportation from the airport to their destination. An attendant holds a sign with your name on it, escorts you to a waiting tax or van and knows right where to take you. You pay the driver at the pay booth as you exit the airport. Simple and smooth. For more details visit our site: Click on Contact or send me an email and I will be happy to help you.
  • Let’s jump back to Immigration for just a minute. When you deplane you MUST go through the Immigration lines. Be sure that you have your entry paperwork filled out on both sides AND have it signed. If you miss one item you will need to step out of line, complete it and then go back to the Immigration Officer. Do yourself a favor and fill everything out on the plane, double check it and make sure everything is filled in.
  • You will find the Immigration Officers, baggage claim attendants and all personal at the airport helpful and friendly. Be courteous to them and treat them with respect. Put yourself in their shoes and remember that they serve 100’s of 1,000’s of people on a daily basis doing the same thing over and over. They’re human and deserve our respect and…..remember to Be patient.
  • OK back to the best times to be in Puerto Vallarta. Yes, high season is great. It’s lively, fun and lots of things to do and fun to be had. However, The off-season has lots of advantages. First of all there are less people. You will have a chance to see how the natives enjoy their beautiful country. The summers are their vacation time from school and work. They comes as families” looking to enjoy a break and spend time with family. It’s a wonderful culture and simply by watching the interactions it will make anyone drift back to wanting a loving family relationship that you will see displayed.
  • The weather…. from June to October it will be warm. This is “Low Season”. Yes, it will be hot & humid and possibly some late afternoon showers that help cool things down and was the streets. You will see natives walking around in the rain, enjoying it and loving us while us gringos scamper for overhangs and umbrellas. Don’t worry, rain is good, it doesn’t last and enjoy it. The natives love being in the water when it rains and you will see people having a great time. Just about all properties have A/C units and ceiling fans and you can keep cool, enjoy the open beaches, have the tours to yourselves and enjoy a slowed down pace.
  • The bottomline is this……… There is a season for everyone. Whether you like the cooler, less humid season or the warmer, moist season the choice is up to you. You can truly enjoy what ever you want. Puerto Vallarta is a great paradise and many of us fell in love with it years ago. That’s why we keep coming back year after year. Once you experience Puerto Vallarta you’re hooked and want to keep coming back. The mind will start to say “How can I buy a place here”? “What could I do to earn a living here”? (opps WORK, that’s a dirty word isn’t it)? Forgive the attempt at humor !!!!!

The above info is just a tiny bit of info I have for you. Check back to see what else we can share with you. When you are ready to join us many transplanted owners, I have just the right place for you. Visit the home page on this our website: looks at some of the properties we have for sale and give me a call. Your dream is my goal.

Come to PV, enjoy the best time to be in Puerto Vallarta and let me be your guide to what ever your goal you want to accomplish.
Carl Rogers
President, Puerto Vallarta Properties

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